Attestation/Legalization of documents for Home Department attestation is being facilitated through offices of NORKA-ROOTS. Migrants and prospective jobseekers can facilitate attestation of their non-educational certificates through the offices of NORKA-ROOTS as per the guidelines of Home Department, Government of Kerala.

Where can I get the certificates attested?

NORKA-ROOTS Regional Offices of Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam, Kozhikode and selected District NORKA Cells. (Click here for details) ANNEX1

Who can apply for certificate attestation?

Certificate holders or authorized person

What are the required documents?

(Click here for the general instructions prior to submission of documents) ANNEX2

  • 1. Duly filled up application form affixing 10 rupee court fee stamp (Download form)
  • 2. Copy of the certificate to be attested
  • 3. Copy of the passport of the certificate holder (Additional copy of the passport of the certificate holder need to be submitted for Embassy attestation)
  • 4. Copy of ID proof of the applicant (If the applicant is the authorized person other than the certificate holder)
  • 5. Original certificate to be attested


All the certificates issued from concerned authorities in the state of Kerala are only attested

Attestation procedures vary from country to country, please read the detailed guidelines below before submission of documents

Guidelines for submission of documents to GCC /Other Asian countries – Click here ANNEX 3
Guidelines for submission of documents to European countries – Click here ANNEX 4

What is the process?

Register online through the website of NORKA-ROOTS.

Online printouts of the registration along with prescribed application form of Home attestation are to be submitted in the offices of NORKA-ROOTS.

The application form along with original certificate forwarded to Home Department for attestation

The Home authenticated certificates are then forwarded for MEA/Embassy attestation (UAE/KSA/Qatar, Kuwait/Bahrain/ & Apostille stamping)

Attested documents can be collected from the concerned NORKA District cells/by speed post (on payment)

To be noted for MEA/Apostille/Embassy attestation

Additional copy of the passport and certificate need to be enclosed along with the Registration form

In connection with the attestation of the certificate of minors (Eg. Birth, T.C, etc.)- Parents passport needs to be submitted.

In connection with attestation of death certificate, apart from the passport copy of the deceased, copy of the passport of the legal heirs need to be submitted

Handwritten certificates are not attested by UAE embassy.

Rates for Home attestation (per certificate)

Attestation for UAE Embassy Rs. 3750/-
Attestation fee for KSA Embassy Rs. 3500/-
Attestation for Kuwait Embassy Rs. 1250/-
Attestation for Bahrain Embassy Rs. 2750/-
Attestation fee for Qatar Embassy Rs. 3000/-
Attestation fee for Apostille Rs. 50/-

NORKA-ROOTS Service charge

Normal service charge Rs. 708/-
Additional embassy attestation(Service charge) Rs. 250/-
Postal fee (Speed post) Rs. 100/-