When can a returnee apply for Santhwana?

  • To meet his medical treatment expenses or that of the dependant family members
  • Death assistance.
  • Marriage assistance
  • To buy any aids to overcome the physical disability such as artificial limbs, wheel chairs, crutches etc.

What is the range of Santhwana assistance?

  • Upto Rs One lakh as death assistance
  • Upto Rs Fifty thousand for the treatment of critical medical conditions (Cancer Heart Surgeries Chronic kidney diseases Severe neuro-diseases Severe disabilities due to various accidents)
  • Upto Rs Twenty Thousand for the treatment of other kinds of diseases
  • Upto Rs Fifteen Thousand for marriage assistance
  • Upto Rs Ten Thousand to buy wheel chair, crutches, artificial limbs etc


  • Applicant’s family income should not exceed Rs.1.5 Lakhs
  • He should have been a pravasi for a minimum period of 2 years
  • Period after return should not have exceeded the period of his working in a foreign country or 10 years whichever is shorter

General Documents required

Copies of Passport

Ration card

Income Certificate Documents Required as per category of financial aid

Medical Assistance

Marriage Certificate

Relationship certificate

Death Assistance

Death certificate

Identity proof of the applicant

Relationship certificate

Marriage Assistance

Any proof of the proposed marriage like invitation letter

Marriage Certificate

Relationship certificate

Purchase of Artificial Limbs, Crutches

Disability Certificate from Medical Board

Prescription from doctor